Hi, I’m Tyler:


I’m a professional copywriter who specializes in writing great blog posts for businesses. With over eight years of blogging and marketing experience, I know exactly what it takes to craft blog posts that the target audience of a business will want to read.

I understand what’s required to appeal to both B2B and B2C audiences. When I start working with a new business, I thoroughly research what they’re all about and who they want to reach. This allows me to write with the right tone, as well as have an ongoing stream of interesting and targeted topics to write about.

While writing is a central element of business blogging, I also know the importance of marketing. That’s why I’m very experienced with SEO, WordPress, social media promotion and email marketing.

If you have a question or want blog posts written that are going to help your business reach the right audience, all you need to do is email me through my contact page.